Co-Ed Stunt & All-Girl Flyer/Base Stunt Classes

Co-Ed Stunt Class is our newest class. The openings are limited. This is an opportunity for athletes that are wanting to pursue or are currently on a co-ed cheerleading team. Athletes entering this class must be 15 or older. If the athlete is not of age, permission must be permitted by the Director. We are gearing this class to flyers who are preparing for a competitive college Co-Ed team. This class will be small with a 2-3 flyers to 1 ratio per coach. Our coaches are experienced and will be following firm safety measures. There is a enrollment fee to begin of $30. If you are or have been in a class or team with Performance Cheerleading Academy, the enrollmenmt fee does not pertain to you. Please know that Co-ed stunts are high flying elite to advanced stunts. Flyers for this class must have this level of flying experience. If the athlete has been a flyer, but not to this level, a one time assessment may be appropriate to determine if their level is safe for this class. The decision will be by the director of Performance Cheerleading Academy. 

All-Girl Flyer Stunt Classes are a great benefit for girls wanting to improve their all girl stunt capabilities such as teamwork, verbal communication, technique, flexability and balance.  Stunts and baskets are performed by coaches and students with firm safety measures.  Please know that stunts usually range from beginner to elite stunts. This class will also benefit an athlete that is interested in the co-ed stunt class to build the skills to progress to meet the qualifications for the next level. 

    Register Class Days Times   Monthly Tuition
5706932 All Star All Girl Flyer/Stunt Class Register All Star All Girl Flyer Class Wed 7:30pm-8:30pm 35.00


Private Lessons

Private Lessons are designed for athletes who may want or need extra one-on-one help in achieving a specific skill or a variety of skills.  Performance Cheerleading Academy is for those who are trying out or currently on a competitive cheer team. Click below to request All-Star private lessons.