Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our students/cheerleaders achieve the goals they set for themselves in life and in the sport of Competitive Allstar Cheerleading by offering a positive, encouraging, uplifting, fun environment that is based around a positive Christian attitude, hard work/teamwork, self discipline/focus, and giving their best no matter what the outcome. We want to provide the skills to each child for them to become a confident athlete and be the best in life that they can be for the rest of their lives.

About OC Elite

Oconee Gymnastics & Cheer (OGC) has had an Allstar Cheer program for many years, and The Performance Cheer Academy joined with OGC in the Spring of 2016. We are always wanting to provide the best equipment and space available for the girls to be safe and have them learn to the best of their abilities. We are always trying to improve and upgrade the program to benefit the cheerleaders as well as the parents that put in the time and support. We have redesigned the parent viewing area to make it more comfortable and to see their children’s progress. We have installed a new tumble track, sound system as well as getting in new equipment for the upcoming season. We are excited to announce that OC Elite is in the talk of building and as soon as we have more info we will put the exciting news out.

OC Elite is the strongest, fastest growing successful athletic program of its type in Oconee County and surrounding areas. We have taken pride in building healthy, physically fit, and confident athletes in a safe environment Our athletes learn about sportsmanship, working together towards goals, and striving to win. The teamwork athletes learn from our program is a valuable lifelong lesson.

OC Elite's all star program combined with the support of OGC is now the largest in the surrounding area. We have grown so fast in two years and are really excited to see what the future holds. We began with 1 competitive team in 2016-2017 and are proud to say in 2017-2018 we added 3 more teams. Our 2018-2019 has grown to 5 teams. Level 1 Mini's, Level 1 Juniors, Level 2 Juniors, Level 3 Seniors, Level 4 Coed Senior.  We just love to motivate and teach the wonderful sport of cheerleading. When we started this dream, we knew there was amazing talent in Oconee County, but to see it transform into highly competitive teams left us speechless. All of our teams will compete in local and National competitions.